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8 Creative Tips to Pack Glass for Moving

Moving your household can be a stressful and expensive process. One of the things to consider while packing for a move is how you will pack fragile items, such as glassware. Packing up your dishes with care ensures that everything arrives at its destination in one piece, which is what you are all aiming for! Here are some tips on how to pack glass safely when moving.

Packing Glass Safely
Packing Glass Safely

1. Set A Proper Space

It’s important not to pack too many items into any given space because it could also damage some of your belongings. It can be your glass equipment if they shift around excessively during transport. Stick only to what you need, otherwise store those extra things at home until you can retrieve them.

2. Lift With Care

Be careful when lifting a box containing glass. Glass is fragile and can be very sensitive to this type of mishandling, so always lift with your hands close together but under the center of gravity for each item in question. Check for discounts on glassware for savings.

3. Set A Fragile Label

Mark boxes containing glass items because these boxes should never go on top where someone might accidentally step on them! Tape “Fragile” signs to the outside, too, just in case there is confusion when moving day comes around!

Keep your glass items safe during transport by including them in an inventory list which should include things like brand names, model numbers, and other identifying characteristics that will help you identify each pair when it comes time to unpack.

4. Use Waterproof Marker

Make sure that you have a waterproof marker on hand so that any identifying information is still readable after it has been wet, such as expiration dates and serial numbers, for example. This way, there will be no confusion when unpacking your boxes later on down the road! Check for coupons on waterproof markers for savings.

5. Pack In Separate Boxes

If possible, pack each pair of glasses in its box rather than just throwing them all together haphazardly. You never know what might happen during transport. For instance, one person’s foot accidentally landed on top of another person’s glass case while walking through an airport? Not a pretty thought!

6. Use Of Bubble Wraps

Bubble wrap is a layer of plastic that has many tiny bubbles in it. The most common type of bubble wrap to use when moving glass would be the waffle kind which contains hundreds of smaller squares within each sheet. Roll your sheets down so there are no gaps between them, and keep them on with tape if necessary. 

If you intend to pack glasses carefully inside boxes, this means they will not move around much during transport, increasing their chances of staying intact! You can save on bubble wraps through coupons.

Use Bubble Wrap
Use Bubble Wrap

7. Take Help

Finally, it’s best not to attempt moving by yourself if you have many items or plan on making more than one trip between your old home and new residence. Unless you happen to know someone else who is willing/able to assist! You almost certainly want some help from another person or two throughout the process. Even during packing at first (to avoid unnecessary strain) and then again when unloading everything into its new place later on down the road.

Other Tips To Follow

  • Pack your glass items in a box with packing material. It will prevent them from getting broken or crushed during transport.
  • Pack each glass set in its container, whether it is the original case or another type. 
  • Make sure that they are packaged securely, so nothing gets bent out of shape. Bubble wrap works great for this purpose and can be found at just about any store.
  • Protect your glass set from breaking by keeping them in a sturdy box. 
  • If you don’t have the original case, purchase one that will keep your frames safe and secure during transit.

Summing Up

If you’re moving to a new home, then chances are there will be some breakable items that need to be packed up and moved. And when it comes to packing glasses for moving, there’s no time like the present. Be sure to follow our tips for packing glass items safely in preparation for your move.