Positive Changes In A Woman’s Brain After Childbirth

After giving birth, a woman’s body has a lot of changes such as food taste, body texture, hair color, etc. However, the change in each woman is different. The most significant change is probably the change inside the female brain. So what are these changes? Let’s take a closer look at these positive changes with this blog.

Memory is still as good as before

Some women report that their memory deteriorates after giving birth. The reason is that they often forget things.

However, according to research, you have nothing to worry about. Women’s cognitive abilities do not decline after giving birth. The fact that women are forgetful can be explained by their brains being more focused on the needs of the baby. Newborns need a lot of parental care and attention, and understandably, less relevant things can be left out.

Memory is still as good as before
Memory is still as good as before

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Postpartum women’s brains will be given hormones that help improve mood

After women give birth, they will spend most of their time with their children. The researchers analyzed how their brains responded to this interaction, especially to their babies’ cries and smiles.

When a new mother begins to see her baby smile, their brain also receives a large number of chemicals that help them feel good. Right from the time of pregnancy, a woman’s brain begins to secrete beneficial hormones. This will make a new mother understand her baby’s needs and respond to them better, the researchers say. While breastfeeding, a woman will also be given the hormone oxytocin by her brain, which helps her bond with her baby more.

Postpartum womens brains will be given beneficial hormones
Postpartum women’s brains will be given beneficial hormones

Another change that occurs in the brains of postpartum women, according to the researchers, is that the reward system area in the brain becomes larger. This also helps new mothers who want to bond more with their babies.

However, a woman’s mood during pregnancy and after giving birth tends to fluctuate wildly. Husbands should pay more attention to their wives. It will be wonderful if your woman receives a lady gift and their mood will be significantly improved.

The postpartum gray matter of women will shrink, but not adversely affect the brain

Gray matter is responsible for seeing, hearing, processing memories and emotions, decision making, and the ability to interact with others. It helps you understand other people’s feelings, absorb nonverbal cues, and form reflexes. Studies have shown that gray matter in certain areas of the mother’s brain becomes smaller after giving birth, and this change persists for up to 2 years. 

The postpartum gray matter will not adversely affect the brain
The postpartum gray matter will not adversely affect the brain

Loss of gray matter sounds bad, but researchers have actually found that because of this, mothers can feel more attached to their children, and they also feel less negative emotions towards them. This change in gray matter shifts a mother’s attention from someone else to her baby, helping her to understand the baby better, such as interacting with the baby using body language.

That happens because the brain sheds certain connections between brain cells so it can form new connections, which are more important in caring for a baby, the researchers say. The brain becomes more organized and can process important information more efficiently.