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Family - Paraphrasing - Learning English

a person's father or mother →. your brother's wife →. the son of your sister →. a person's female child →. the father of your father →. a child of your uncle →. two sons of mother and father →. a woman on her wedding day →. the man that a woman is engaged to →.

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Weather, Weather forecast - Vocabulary List in English (4 days ago)

Vocabulary list of the Weather - Learning English Online with Lists and Sentences


Englisch Lernen Online - Grammatik, Vokabeln, Prüfungen ... (2 days ago)

Englisch Lernen Online Grammatik, Vokabeln, Übungen, Prüfungen, Spiele. Auf diesen Seiten findest du viele Informationen zur englischen Sprache. Du kannst online Vokabeln lernen, Grammatik üben, dir die Regeln noch einmal ansehen, dich auf eine Prüfung vorbereiten, Informationen für Präsentationen finden, Tests machen, einfach nur mal spielen und noch vieles mehr.


Asking the way in English - Learning English with pictures (1 days ago)

Asking the way in English – Learning English with pictures. Go straight on Elm Street. Go along Elm Street. Go down Elm Street. Follow Elm Street for 200 metres. Follow Elm Street until you get to the church. Turn left into Oxford Street. Turn right into Oxford Street. Take the first turning on the right.


Irregular Verbs - Grammar Exercises - Learning English (3 days ago)

3697 Irregular verbs – Exercise 6. 3699 Irregular verbs – Exercise Mix 1. 3701 Irregular verbs – Exercise Mix 2. 3703 Irregular verbs – Exercise Mix 3. 3705 Irregular verbs – Exercise Mix 4. 3623 Forms of irregular verbs in English – Test.


English Prepositions - Grammar Exercises (7 days ago)

3033 Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 1. 3035 Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 2. 3037 Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 3. 3039 Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 4. 3041 Prepositions English – Mixed Exercise 5. 3025 Prepositions in English sentences – Exercise. 3043 Prepositions in expressions of time – Exercise.


Conditional sentences - Grammar Exercises - Learning English (7 days ago)

Conditional sentences – Various Exercises. 2021 Find the correct conditions – Exercise 1. 2057 Find the correct conditions – Exercise 2. 2043 Match the if-clauses to the main clauses – Exercise. 2071 Zero Conditional – Exercise.


Learning English - Exercises, Grammar, Vocabulary, Tests ... (6 days ago)

Learning English Online. Grammar, Vocabulary, Exercises, Tests, Games. You will find a lot of information about the English language on this site. You can learn English words, practise grammar, look at some basic rules, prepare for exams, do tests or just have fun playing games. Enjoy yourself with more than 1,000 exercises online.


Idioms, Informal English - Englisch-Hilfen (1 days ago)

Idioms and Informal English - List of useful phrasess - Learning English


Travelling - English sentences - Englisch-Hilfen (5 days ago)

Travelling – English sentences. I'm going to England this summer. I'm going by bus. I haven't been there before. I'd like to go near the south coast. I have already been at the travel agency. How much is the trip?


Word order in English sentences - Englisch-Hilfen (5 days ago)

Word order in English sentences – Summary. is raining now it. Eingabefeld löschen. . on Fridays always skates he. Eingabefeld löschen. . a new laptop my friend has. Eingabefeld löschen.


few, little in sentences - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (1 days ago)

few or little - Quantifiers in English in an Online Exercise - Confusing words


Playing Word-Bingo in English Lessons - Englisch-Hilfen (6 days ago)

How to prepare Word-Bingo in English Lessons. suitable for students from the age of 10. Time: about 10 minutes per round Topic: The students repeat the numbers from 1-100 and the alphabet. Assessment: none (could be performed in a contest) Material: 1 master grid for the game master (teacher or student); 1 grid for each student or group of students); cards with forms of irregular verbs ...


Negation of Questions in English - Grammar Exercises (1 days ago)

Negations in English sentences in various Tenses, Online Exercises


Feelings – Hangman (4 days ago)

Hangman, Games, Feelings - Teaching and Learning English. Task No. 7051. Find the hidden word. The topic is Feelings. Click on the letters. You have 6 guesses.


Bodie - Ghost town in California - Reading Comprehension (4 days ago)

Bodie – a ghost town in California. Bodie was named after Waterman S. Body (also known as William S. Bodey), who discovered gold here in 1859. The town of Bodie became famous with the decline of mining along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada. Prospectors¹ crossing the eastern slope in 1859 to search for gold, discovered what was to be ...


Ending -ing in English - Exercise 1 - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Exercise on adding -in in English. Task No. 4651. Add the ending -ing to the infinitive of the verb.


Phrasal Verbs - Exercises - Learning English (7 days ago)

2913 Phrasal Verbs in English – Fill-in Exercise. 2915 Phrasal Verbs with the verb look – Exercise. 2917 Phrasal Verbs with the verb come – Exercise. 2919 Phrasal Verbs with the verb get – Exercise. 2921 Separable and inseparable Phrasal Verbs – Exercise.


hear or listen - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (4 days ago)

Confusing words in English - hear, listen - Online Exercise


Zeiten im Englischen - gemischte Übung (3 days ago)

Übung zu den Zeiten im Englischen, Aussagen - Online lernen. Aufgaben-Nr. 4430Setze die in Klammern stehenden Verben in der richtigen Zeitform in die Lücken ein.


Infinitive without to - English Grammar - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Examples and Exercises Infinitive without to in English Grammar


Position of adverbs in sentences - Exercise (3 days ago)

Position of adverbs in English sentences. Our friends must write a test. (also) I was joking. (only) Did you enjoy the flight? (both) Mary watches TV. (hardly) (ever) He drives his car. (carefully) The children play football. (in the garden) We went to the cinema. (yesterday) John fell off the bike. (almost)


Simple Present - Simple Past - Exercise 1 - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Substitution of verbs in the Simple Past in an Exercise. Task No. 4527. Rewrite the sentences using the verb in bold in the Simple Past.. Show example


Substitute forms of Modals in English - Exercise (7 days ago)

Task No. 1805. Use a substitute form for the modal from the drop down menu. Show example. Example: I must do my homework. I do my homework. Answer: I have to do my homework.

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Order of adjectives - Exercise 2 - Englisch-Hilfen (3 days ago)

Exercise on the order of adjectives in English in phrases with online evaluation


American English - Online Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (6 days ago)

American English, Online Exercise - Learning Enlgish Online. Task No. 5629. Write the text in American English.Choose the correct words.


Gerund or Progressive/Continuous - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Is it a Gerund or a Progressive Form?. Both forms end in -ing.Nevertheless it is easy to find out whether it is a Gerund or a Progressive form.. 1. Progressive Tenses. …


Questions with am, are and is - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (4 days ago)

Task No. 1813. Use the given words and form questions with am, are or is. Mind the example. the boys / happy? Are the boys happy?


The indefinite article a/an - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (5 days ago)

The indefinite article – a, an. There is green English book on the desk. She's reading old comic. They've got idea. He is drinking cup of coffee. The girl is pilot. Leipzig has airport. This is expensive bike. Look!

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Participle constructions in sentences - Exercise (1 days ago)

Participles, Participle constructions. He saw his friend (go) out with Sue. The bus crashed into the blue car (drive) down the hill. Peter hurt his leg (do) karate. The umbrella (find) at the bus stop belongs to John Smith. The people (dance) in the street are all very friendly. I heard my mother (talk) on the phone.

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Tenses in English - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Tenses in English, statements - Exercise, Mix - Learn Online. Task No. 4431. Put in the verbs in brackets in the correct tenses. Show example


A talk about London in English - Englisch-Hilfen (7 days ago)

A talk about London in English. The oldest part of London is ›the City‹. Only 5,000 people live there, but about 300,000 work there. Greater London has got more than 12 million people. Lots of people live in suburbs, so they have to go to work to London every day. That's why there are many cars in the morning and in the evening (rush hour).


The definite article the - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

The definite article – the. My grandmother likes. flowers the flowers. very much. I love. flowers the flowers. in your garden. See you on. Wednesday the Wednesday.


Statements, Questions, Word order - Grammar Exercises ... (4 days ago)

3325 Word order – Sentences, Questions – Complex Test. 3321 Word order in statements – Exercise. 3323 Word order in statements with expressions of place and time – Exercise. 3311 Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 1. 3313 Word order in affirmative sentences – Exercise 2. 3315 Word order in affirmative sentences ...


Reported speech - will-future - Sentences - Exercise (3 days ago)

Task No. 2339. Finish the sentences using Reported speech. Always change the tense, although it is sometimes not necessary. Show example. Example: Willy: "They will try to help." Willy said (that) Answer: Willy said (that) they would try to help.


Die if-Sätze im Englischen - Übersicht (2 days ago)

if-Sätze, Typ III – Verwendung, Bildung, Beispiele. Ersetzen von if, Weglassen von if, if – when, if – in case of. Gemischte if-Sätze. if I were you – if I was you. will und would in if-Sätzen. Reale und unreale Bedingungen, Positionen der if-Sätze und die Verwendung von Modalverben. Tipps zur Lösung von Übungen zu den if-Sätzen.


Comparison of adjectives in sentences - Exercise (7 days ago)

Comparison of adjectives in English. My father is heavy. My uncle is much than him. The test in geography was easy, but the test in biology was . Florida is sunny. Do you know the place in the USA? Stan is a successful sportsman, but his sister is than him. My mother has a soft voice, but my teacher's voice is than hers.


Questions and short answers in the Simple Present - Exercise (3 days ago)

Task No. 4675. Put in the missing words and form questions and their short answers in the Simple Present. Mind the example. Show example. Example: Berry collect comics? → Yes, . Answer: Does Berry collect comics? → Yes, she does.


Gerund after prepositions - Englisch-Hilfen (7 days ago)

2. Gerund after Adjective + Preposition. afraid of. They are afraid of los ing the match.. angry about/at. Pat is angry about walk ing in the rain.. bad at/good at. John is good at work ing in the garden.. crazy about. The girl is crazy about play ing tennis.. disappointed about/at. He is disappointed about see ing such a bad report.. excited about. We are excited about mak ing our own film.


Noun or verb? – Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (4 days ago)

Noun or verb - Exercise Grammar - Learning English. Task No. 3423. Decide whether the word in bold is a noun or a verb. Match all the items on the right with the items on the left.


Musical instruments - Find the pairs - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Match each picture to the correct word. Select the speed between 1 and 9. Start. Speed: 5. Time: 00:00. Tries: 0. Great! You needed and you had .


self or each other – Exercise 2 - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Write the correct reflexive pronoun into the gap. Choose from the following pronouns: myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself, ourselves, yourselves, themselves or each other. Show example. Example: I cut this morning. Answer: I cut myself this morning.


Phonetic Transcription - Character - Exercise (1 days ago)

Read words of the character of people in Phonetic Transcription - Online Exercise


Questions in Passive - Englisch-Hilfen (6 days ago)

Questions in Passive are formed with to be and the past participle *. 1. Questions without questions words in Passive (Simple Present) in room 311? is. is not. isn't. in California? are.


Questions and answers in the Simple Past - Exercise (7 days ago)

Questions with question words in the Simple Past. Where she yesterday evening? → She shopping. (to go) When he hockey? → He hockey last Sunday. (to play) What you last night? → I a badger in the garden. (to watch) When Jacob home? → He home at 8 o'clock pm. (to come)


good or well - Exercise - Englisch-Hilfen (4 days ago)

good or well - Confusing words i English - Exercise. Task No. 6363. Use good or well to complete the sentences. Sometimes both words are correct. Show example


The articles a/an and the in English – Exercise 2 (1 days ago)

Task No. 1233. Fill in the article a, an or the where necessary. Choose x where no article is used. Show example. Example: We have lunch at two in afternoon. Answer: We have x lunch at two in the afternoon.


Phrasal verbs with the verb look - Exercise (7 days ago)

Phrasal verbs in English. Henry looked. after at back on down forward to in out round through up. the magazine quickly. Look. after at back on down forward to in out round through up. ! There's a bus coming! It is going to hit you!


Simple Present - Simple Past - Exercise 2 - Englisch-Hilfen (2 days ago)

Substitution of verbs in the Past in an Exercise. Task No. 4529. Rewrite the sentences using the verbs in the Simple Past.. Show example

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