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Withholding Tax | Department Of Revenue - Taxation

Filing Requirements. Filing Frequency & Due Dates. How to File Online. How to Remit Income Tax Withholding. How to Submit Withholding Statements. How to Report Year-End Withholding Statements. Important Information About the 1099-NEC. How to Amend a Return. Annual Reconciliation FAQ.

Actived: Wednesday Aug 4, 2021



Sales & Use Tax | Department of Revenue - Taxation (7 days ago)

The General Assembly has adopted SB21-282, which extends the small business exception to destination sourcing requirements. This exception applies only to businesses with less than $100,000 in retail sales. Beginning February 1, 2022, all retailers will be required to apply the destination sourcing rules . View SB21-282.


Where's My Refund? | Department of Revenue - Taxation (7 days ago)

Simply choose the option "Tax Refund for Individuals" in the box labeled "Where's my Refund?". Then, enter your SSN or ITIN and the refund amount you claimed on your current year income tax return. If you do not know the refund amount you claimed, you may either use a Letter ID number from a recent income tax correspondence from the Department.


Payments | Department of Revenue - Taxation (7 days ago)

Payment Options. Each tax type has specific requirements regarding how you are able to pay your tax liability. Select a tax type below to view the available payment options. Individual Income Tax. Business Income Tax. Sales & Use Tax. Withholding Tax. Severance Tax. Excise & Fuel Tax.


Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit (PTC) Rebate | Department of ... (6 days ago)

About the PTC Rebate. Many Coloradans may be eligible for the Property Tax/Rent/Heat Credit rebate, also known as the "PTC Rebate," which is available every year. It has been available to Colorado residents since 1971. You may qualify for the PTC Rebate if you are a full-year Colorado resident, 65 years of age or older, or a surviving spouse 58 ...


File Sales Tax Online | Department of Revenue - Taxation (6 days ago)

File Sales Tax Online. There are a few ways to e-file sales tax returns: Revenue Online. After you create your own User ID and Password for the income tax account, you may file a return through Revenue Online. If you have more than one business location, you must file a separate return in Revenue Online for each location.


Sales & Use Tax | Forms & Instructions | Department of ... (5 days ago)

DR 0100 - Retail Sales Tax Return ( Supplemental Instructions) DR 0100A - Retail Sales Tax Return for Occasional Sales. DR 0103 - State Service Fee Worksheet. DR 0235 - Request for Vending Machine Decals. DR 0594 - Renewal Application for Sales Tax License. DR 1290 - Certification of Registered Marketplace Facilitator.


Home | Department of Revenue - Taxation (11 days ago)

Visit the COVID-19 Sales Tax Relief web page for more information and filing instructions. We are proud to serve the great people of Colorado as efficiently and safely as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we adapt to keep you and our staff safe. All of the Taxpayer Service Centers are now open for in-person visits.


Sales Tax Relief for Bars, Restaurants, Caterers, and ... (9 days ago)

House Bill 21-1265 allows qualifying retailers to claim a limited special deduction from state taxable sales under certain conditions and to retain and spend the resulting state sales tax. The deduction is available for sales made in June 2021, July 2021, and August 2021. This means the returns you will file in July 2021, August 2021, and September 2021.


Online Services | Department of Revenue - Taxation (6 days ago)

Geographic Information System (GIS) Look up sales and use tax rates by address or map location. Look Up Rates. GIS Info


Sales & Use Tax System (SUTS) | Department of Revenue ... (6 days ago)

SUTS is the new Sales & Use Tax System from the Colorado Department of Revenue. The SUTS System is a one-stop portal that allows you to do all manner of tasks related to collecting and remitting sales and use tax in an easy, automated and seamless fashion.


Fuel Tax | Licensing | Department of Revenue - Taxation (10 days ago)

The Colorado fuel distributor license is perpetual until notification from the taxpayer is received by the Department of Revenue. In order for the Department to close a fuel distributor license, the following steps must be taken: Written correspondence, including the Colorado account number, name, and authorized signature, requesting the fuel ...

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How to Apply for a Colorado Sales Tax License | Department ... (9 days ago)

An out-of-state retailer must apply for a Colorado Sales Tax License and collect Colorado sales tax if, in either the previous or current calendar year, the retailer has a $100,000 or more of gross sales or services delivered in Colorado, including exempt sales.


Withholding | Forms & Instructions | Department of Revenue ... (11 days ago)

Wage Withholding CR 0100AP - Business Application for Wage Withholding Tax Account DR 1093 - Annual Transmittal of State W-2 Forms DR 1094 - Colorado W-2 Wage Withholding Tax Return DR 1098 - Colorado Income Tax Wi


How to Look Up Sales & Use Tax Rates | Department of ... (11 days ago)

The Geographic Information System (GIS) now allows Colorado taxpayers to look up the specific sales tax rate for an individual address. The GIS not only shows state sales tax information, but it also includes sales tax information for counties, municipalities, and special taxation districts.


Special Event Sales Tax | Department of Revenue - Taxation (10 days ago)

The seller's or organizer's return and payment must be filed and remitted by the 20th day of the month following the month in which the special event began. If the 20th falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the return and tax remittance is due the next business day. Special event sales tax returns can be filed online or on paper.


Individual Income Tax | Estimated Payments | Department of ... (5 days ago)

Estimated Payment Information. For instructions on how to compute estimated income tax, see the worksheet provided on the DR 0104EP form. You can see a record of your estimated tax payments in your Revenue Online account. Estimated tax payments are claimed when you file your Colorado Individual Income Tax Return (DR 0104).


Electronic Funds Transfer | Department of Revenue - Taxation (9 days ago)

The Colorado Department of Revenue offers an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) tax payment service. You may use EFT to pay more than 50 types of business and personal tax liabilities. For a complete list of accepted tax liabilities, see page 2 of the DR 5785 Form. Colorado's EFT program offers two choices: ACH Debit and ACH Credit.


Voluntary Disclosure Program | Department of Revenue ... (7 days ago)

Everything you need to propose a Voluntary Disclosure Agreement (also known as VDA or VDP) to the Department may be found on this web page. After reviewing this information, if you have any questions, please call Samwel Khakame at 303-205-5289 or by email at [email protected] The minimum requirements for any agreement include the filing of tax returns for any taxpayer once the ...


Amending an Individual Income Tax Return | Department of ... (9 days ago)

Amending an Individual Income Tax Return. Individual income tax returns from 2009 and forward may be amended electronically through Revenue Online. Filing and amending returns in Revenue Online is a free service. You may amend online even if the original return was filed on paper. Revenue Online has all the information from your original return.


Consumer Use Tax | How to File Online | Department of ... (6 days ago)

Login Required. View letters from the Department; Update your account mailing address; Set up Third Party Access to your tax account; No Login Required


Geographic Information System (GIS) Help | Department of ... (6 days ago)

Visit "Where can I get vaccinated" or call 1-877-COVAXCO (1-877-268-2926) for vaccine information.


Restaurant & Bar Special Sales Tax Deduction Instructions ... (6 days ago)

Hotel-Operated Restaurants, Bars, and Catering Services: A restaurant or bar (as described above) that is located on the premises of an establishment primarily engaged in providing short-term lodging facilities is an eligible site for purposes of this special deduction. This includes restaurants and bars in hotels, motor hotels, resort hotels, casino hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns ...


Average Market Rate for Unprocessed Retail Marijuana ... (8 days ago)

Wet Whole Plant Rate. $191 per pound. Seed Rate. $4 per seed. Trim Allocated for Extraction Rate. $240 per pound. Bud Allocated for Extraction Rate. $901 per pound. Average Market Rate - Methodology.


International Fuel Tax Agreement | Filing Information ... (6 days ago)

Returns can be submitted through our free online filing system, Revenue Online. To file by paper, download and print the International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Report (DR0122) and the applicable quarter tax rate table from our Forms & Instructions webpage. Submit paper returns to the address printed on the form.


International Fuel Tax Agreement | Tax Account Maintenance ... (8 days ago)

Submit the Business Closure Form (DR 1102) as an attachment to a secure web message in your Revenue Online account or send your completed DR 1102 via mail to the following address: Colorado Department of Revenue Fuel Tax Unit P.O. Box 17087 Denver, CO 80217-0087. Once your account closure request is processed, you will receive an acknowledgment letter with confirmation of the last …


Contact Us By Mail | Department of Revenue - Taxation (7 days ago)

Colorado Department of Revenue. Denver, CO 80261-0006. If you are submitting the form without a check or payment: Colorado Department of Revenue. Denver, CO 80261-0005. DR 104BEP. DR 0108. DR 0158-C,DR 0158-F,DR 0158-I,DR 0158-N.


2020 Income Tax Forms | Individuals & Families ... (6 days ago)

DR 0204 - Tax Year Ending Computation of Penalty Due Based on Underpayment of Colorado Individual Estimated Tax. DR 0900 - Individual Income Tax Payment Form. DR 8453 - Individual Income Tax Declaration for Electronic Filing.


International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) | Department of ... (5 days ago)

The International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) is an agreement between all 48 contiguous states and 10 Canadian provinces. Each state/province is called a “member jurisdiction.”. The state in which you obtain your IFTA credentials is called your “base jurisdiction.”. IFTA is not an additional tax.


Pay Sales & Use Tax | Department of Revenue - Taxation (9 days ago)

Payment After Filing Online. If you filed online or with a tax software and want to pay by check or money order: Make the check or money order payable to the Colorado Department of Revenue. Write the Colorado Account Number (CAN) for the sales tax account on the check. Include the filing period dates and the words Sales Tax Return on the check.


International Fuel Tax Agreement | Forms & Rate Tables ... (6 days ago)

Filing Forms DR 0122 (2017-2020) - International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Report DR 0122 (2021 and later) - International Fuel Tax Agreement Tax Report

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